A ground approach: a discipline based on transversality

Our strategy relies on exchanges between BR&A and other interested parties (developer of the project, their partners, public bodies...) to develop credible and realistic projects acceptable to all involved.
This transversality arises from interaction between mobility and other components which model the territory at the service of urban project (development, town planning...), resulting in:

  • Public space as location of superposition, polarization of various technicalities linked to life and transport modes.
  • Dedicated areas for pedestrians, bikes, bus/coaches/trains and managed spaces for cars to allow safe and peaceful public space in towns of today and tomorrow.
  • Town bypasses, urban design, accessibility, consumption of space, share of the driveways, co-occupation of various users on this space.
  • Culture of public dialogue based on the user being proactive in urban design in addition to transparency of studies and quality of information.

According to the nature of the projects, BR&A is the first point of contact with a multidisciplinary team, (contractor, expert-adviser, assistant to contractor).
Image and symbolism is not our goal. Our satisfaction is dependent on the satisfaction of our clients and their end users. This is why our work conforms to AEU standards and quality procedures (ISO-9001).