Seafront of Libreville (Gabon)

The project is about planning the development of Libreville new seafront district. It is different to other international projects because of the strong sustainability will, the anchorage in a mainly blue and green landscape, where man will not reverse the tendency. This makes it not only an attractive project in our 21st century conscious world but a project developing new sustainable economic sectors so profitable to emerging country Gabon (wood buildings, bio climatic architecture, eco-friendly tourism…).

DATE: 2013-2015
CLIENT: Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux (ANGT) / FMCT (société Façade Maritime Champ Triomphal)
RECEIVER: Republic of Gabon
PARTNER AGENCIES: Ingerop, Deloitte

(42 ha / 292.750 sqm to be built)

AWARD #MIPIMAwards ‘Best New Mega Development’