Diez de Octubre Corridor enhancement along a pre-BRT project in Havana

The project is part of a virtuous dynamic of the DGTPH to modernize governance towards sustainable mobility. Guidelines are defined for the progressive implementation of the first BRT axis in Havana, to pacify the traffic and ensure a more attractive public transport, as well as improve the pedestrian space, the urban landscape, and the environmental conditions that, as a whole, improve the quality of public space, revaluing its social and community role.


DATE: 2020-2022
CLIENT: AFD (Agence Fraçaise de Développement)
RECEIVER: DGTPH (Dirección General de Transporte Provincial La Habana)
TEAM: Suez Consulting (mandataire), DVDH, Transitec, Transamo and Bruno Remoué & Associats